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Danbar Plastics

Danbar Plastics is Regional Victoria`s Premier Plastic Custom Moulders. Danbar Plastics is a custom plastic injection moulder and plastic extruder. We are also a manufacturer of our own plastic moulded products for the Horticulture, Nursery products, Viticulture, Furniture, Sporting, Construction, Automotive, Food, and Brush Fibre Industries. Danbar Plastics Custom Injection Moulders provide their plastic injection products and services to companies throughout Australia and overseas.

We are also custom injection moulders and extruders and manufacture for all your project requirements to add value to your value stream.

Some of these products include Plastic plant pots, Gardening pots, Native tree tubes, and Plastic crates that are sold online as packs or wholesale to nurseries throughout Australia.

Our Promise - From “Conception to Completion” of your product,  we will always operate with integrity and pursue the best interests of our customers.

Featured Products

Plastic Golf Tees - 96 Assorted Precept Golf Tees
Plastic Golf Tees - 96 Assorted Precept Golf Tees
A Native Tree Std Tube Starter Pack 2
A Native Tree Std Tube Starter Pack 2
Danbar VF47 3kg
Danbar VF47 3kg
Seedling Tray - 11 Pack - FREE Delivery
Seedling Tray - 11 Pack - FREE Delivery

Our Services

AssemblyAssemblyDanbar Plastics can offer assembly services for your plastic products. No job too big or small!
Design Plastic Injection MouldingDesign Plastic Injection MouldingWe can design and give you fully interactive rotatatable 3d model before the projects starts
DistributionDistributionWe can distribute your products direct from our warehouses to your customers as required.
Injection Moulders, Monofilament or Brush Fibre ExtrusionInjection Moulders, Monofilament or Brush Fibre ExtrusionDanbar Plastics are injection moulders and have injection moulding machines ranging from as small as 22 tonne right up to 500 tonne capacity.
Label Applications for Plastic Injection MouldingLabel Applications for Plastic Injection MouldingAt Danbar Plastics we can In Mould Label your parts with our automatic labelling robots.
PackagingPackagingWe can package your product to any specifications you require.
Pad PrintingPad PrintingAt Danbar Plastics we specialise in Plastic Extrusion Moulding but we can also In Mould Label, Print, and Package your parts
Warehouse / ShippingWarehouse / ShippingDanbar Plastics can provide warehousing or shipping of your product to any location.

What sets us apart from other injection moulders and companies?


Ballarat Factory

Established and operated since 1987 Danbar is situated in regional Victoria and is easily accessible to Melbourne.
Accessibility – Approachable management team with businesses or individuals. Quick mould or Toolmaking prototype modifications.
Flexibility – Short lead toolmaking lead times, custom pricing, low setup costs, short run custom plastic injection moulding capabilities.

We help "Create your Solutions" from idea to delivery to the customer we can manage the design of the product, manufacture it , pack it, store it, warehouse it then arrange and organise the distribution and delivery of your plastic products.

  • Price, quality, and service guarantees
  • Creative solutions for your plastic custom  injection moulding needs
  • Cutting edge solution to environmentally friendly products, using specialty polymers and additives.
  • Fast turn around - tooling and production.
  • Excellent value for your investment.
  • Diversity in experience.
  • No hidden costs.
Danbar Plastics

We service our customers throughout Australia and overseas, we are known throughout Victoria and have become respected in our local business community by proudly serving our customers with integrity and true customer service in plastic injection moulding and fibre extrusion.

Couple that with flexibility, quality and competitive prices, and it’s no surprise that we have a very loyal customer base.

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